First 2021 ALL PARENTS Meeting on Wed, Oct 27, at 7:30 pm via Zoom

To our Community of McNair Academic High School Parents and Guardians,


As the McNair Academic Parent Student Alumni Association (MAPSAA), we are pleased to connect with you.  The  2021-2022 school year has kicked into full gear, and we hope you and your families are safe and well.


The McNair Academic Parent Student Alumni Association is a volunteer-run 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the students, faculty, and programs of McNair Academic High School. We strive to build community, raise funds to support our kids' education, and enrich the overall experience of school life. 


We are excited to invite you to our first 2021 ALL PARENTS Meeting on Wednesday, October 27, at 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm ET via Zoom Link:


Join us to learn about:


  • A brief overview of MAPSAA, our officers, and our structure

  • Special announcements and updates regarding our efforts to address McNair Academic students’ needs

  • Fundraising status updates and goals for this year (e.g., for educational materials, extracurricular activities such as field trips and graduation celebrations)

  • Best ways to stay informed and communicate with our community and the school

  • Opportunities to get involved (e.g., as a volunteer, as a supporter)


We also want to hear from you, parents and guardians like us. We will allot time in the agenda for answering questions and collecting ideas that you have. We are committed to promoting communication and cultivating a sense of community between parents, students and faculty.   


We look forward to seeing you on October 27 and to collaborating with you to create a healthy, safe, well-resourced, and inspiring learning environment for our children. Thank you!



Lisa Schnettler

President, MAPSAA