Support McNair. Eat More Cookies!

On Monday, May 1st, McNair Academic High School will be kicking off a two week fundraiser with Jersey City's own, Bang Cookies. We are excited to host this event as 50% of the overall sales go directly to the student body. 
With other fundraisers, the school is responsible for collecting funds, distributing items, etc. Bang Cookies has simplified the process for us, as well as made it easier to expand the range of our sales by merely spreading the word through social media as much as possible. All sales are handled online as with any e-commerce site.
In preparation for the launch, we encourage all students that wish to particiapte to set up accounts using the following link:Bang Cookies: McNair Academic High School.
On Monday, when the fundraiser goes live, so will the individual student sales pages. Then it is up to you to help us share those links through social, personal, and business networks in order to help ensure McNair's success throughout this 2 week event.
Thanks in advance